You gotta move

1. You gotta move, you gotta move
you gotta move child, you gotta move
oh when the lord get ready, you gotta move

2. You maybe high, you maybe low
you maybe rich child, you maybe poor
oh when the lord get ready, you gotta move

3. You see that woman, who walks the street
you see that police man, who walks his beat
cause when the lord get ready, you gotta move

4. You gotta move, you gotta move
you gotta move child, you gotta move
oh when the lord get ready, you gotta move

You never can tell

1. It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wish them well
you could see that Pierre did truely love the mademoiselle
and now the young monsieur and madame have rang the
chapel bell

Refrain : C`est la vie, say the old folks
it goes to show, you never can tell

2. They furnished off an apartment with a two room roebuck
the coolerator was crammed with TV dinners and ginger ale
but when Pierre found work the little money comin´worked
out well


3. They had a hifi phono; boy did they let it blast
seven hundret little records all rockin´rythm and jazz
but when the sun went down the rappid tempo of the music


4. They bought a souped up jitney, it was a cherry red fifty-nine
they drove it down to New Orleans to celebrate their
it was there that Pierre was wedded to the lovely mademoiselle


You`re not the only one

INTRO >> Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
do it, do it, do it girl

1. I heard about the butcher baby and where you get your meat
and while you`re at the butchers shop, you give me time to creep
you go head on see the butcher, baby, and just keep our deep freeze filled
to the brim
cause I will get some sugar from the telephone operator, while you get
your meat from him

2. Now I heard about the ice -man, I heard he was a nice man
he comes to the house twice man, here`s some advice man
as long as you keep our ice box full, every doggone thing gonna be cool
( from lyin´I`m dying )
but while you filling up your ice-box, I`m gonna slip off with the school
teacher after school

3. I heard about an insurance man, he had a real good one night plan
here`s one thing baby, honey, you got to understand, honey now
he`s not the only one who`s got some good collecting to you
cause while he`s writing to your health and life, I`ll get me a premium
frome some house wife

4. I heard about the milk man, heard he was a slilk man
heard he was a help man, but here`s your a tilt man
better leave me enough milk and butter, to keep my stretch up right
you know he`s not the only one, who`s get some miles to make
got a girl waitin´on me down in Austin Texas tonight


You´ve got me singin´a love song

1. Me and my friends get together at home
we sing and play the blues all night long

Refrain : But you´re comin´on so strong
you got me singin´a love song

2. I love the blues cherish the sound
if it wasn`t for the blues
I don´t think I would weight over 90 pounds


3. The sound of your voice like music to my ear
your every touch sooth me oh my dear