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Sittin´on the dock of the bay

1. Sittin´in the mornin´sun
I`ll be sittin´when the evening comes
watchin´ the ships roll in
then I watch èm roll away again, yeah

Refrain : I`m sittin´on the dock of the bay
watchin´the tide roll away--mh
sittin´on the dock of the bay, waistin´time

2. I left my home in Georgia
headed for the Frisco Bay
not havin´nothin´to live on
seems like nothin´s gonna come my way


>>Looks like nothin´s gonna change
everythings still remains the same
I can`t do what kin people tell me to do
so I guess I remains the same, --listen

3. Sittin´here restin´my bones
and the lonelyness won`t leave me alone
two-thousend miles I roam
just to make this dock my home


Some kind of wonderful

1. I don`t need a whole lots of money
I don`t need a big fine car
I got everything that a man could ever want
I got more than I could axe for
and I don`t have to run around
I don`t have to stay out all night
cause I got a sweet, sweet lookin´woman
and she knows just how to treat me right

Refrain : My baby she`s allright
my baby she`s clean out of sight
don`t you know, she`s some kind of wonderful
yes she is some kind of wonderful
I`m gonna tell you one more thing

2. When she holds me in her arms
she sets my soul on fire--sets my soul on fire
Lord when my baby kisses me
my hearts becomes filled with desire
when she wraps her lovin´arms around me
allmost drives me out of my mind
I got a funny little feelin´inside me
chills goin´up and down my spine


>>Now hold it, let me tell you one more thing
tell me is there anybody
thats gotta sweet little woman like mine
there gotta be somebody
thats gotta sweet little woman like mine

Tell me : Can I get a witness 6 x

I wanna talk about my baby
talkin´`bout my baby

Guitar & She`s everything I need----so much more than I can want
some kind of wonderful----in her high heel shoes


1. Sittin´ thinkin sinkin´ drinkin´
wondering what I`ll do when I`m through the night
smokin´ mopin´ maybee just hopin´some little girl will pass on by
to wanna be alone but I love my girl at home
I remember what she said, she said keep fidelity in your head
my my my don`t tell lies, when you`ve done your show go to bed
don`t say hi like a spider to a fly, jump right ahead on your dead

2. Sit up fed up low down go´ `round, down to the bar at the place I`m at
sittin´ drinkin´ superficially thinkin´ about the rins´d out blonde on
my left
and then I said hi like a spider to a fly, remembering what my little
girl said
I would have run away, but I was on my own
she told me later she`s a machine operator
she said she liked the way I held the microphone
I said my my, like a spider to a fly, jump right ahead in my web

Stop messin´around

1. Oh baby please stop messin´around
don´t mess around with my heart 2 x
but if you don´t stop messin´babe
oh babe, soon we gonna have two parts

2. Oh babe please stop messin´around
don´t mess around all the time 2 x
but if you don´t stop messin´babe
you gonna be someone else babe, not mine

Refrain : but squeeze me babe, but till my face turn
you roll me so hard I feel like I was dead

3. 2 te wiederholen

4. 2 te wiederholen

Stormy monday

1. They call it stormy monday
but tuesdays just as bad 2 x
wednesday worse
but thursdays also sad

2. Yeah, the eagle flies on friday
and saturday I go out to play 2 x
sunday I go to church
then I kneel down and pray

3. Lord have mercy, lord have mercy on me
lord have mercy, my hearts in misery 2 x
crazy about my baby
yeah, yeah, yeah send her back to me


1. I got a letter from my baby
said she was comin´home today 2 x
and my baby she won`t lie
she was comin´home to stay

Refrain : Sugaree, Sugaree
---------"------------don`you know
I love you so

2. I got a pencle and some paper
and I set right down to write 2 x
I said I miss you in the daytime
but I miss you more at night


3. I met my baby at the station
she had a suitcase in her hand 2 x
I said, "hey, hello pretty baby,
I`ll make you happy if I can "

2 x Refrain



Summertime Blues

1. Well, I`m gonna raise a fuss, and I`m gonna raise a holler
about a workin´all the summer just to try to find my dollar
everytime I call my baby try to get a date
the boss say`s " no dice son you gotta work late "

Refrain : Sometimes I wonder what I`m a gonna do
but there ain`t no cure for the summertime blues

2. Oh, well my mom and papa told me, son you better make
some money
if you wanna use the car to go a ridin´next sunday
well, I did`nt go to work, told the boss I was sick
" you can`t use the car cause you did`nt work a lick "


3. I`m gonna take two weeks for my ever fine racation
I`m gonna take my problem to the United Nations
well, I could my congress man and he said oh
" I`d like to help you son, but you`re to young to vote "


Sweet home Chicago

Refrain : Come on, babe don`t you wanna go
back to that same old place, sweet home Chicago

1. Well, one and one is two
six and two is eight
come on babe, don`t you break my leg


2. Six and three is nine
nine and nine is eighteen
look there brother and see what I`ve seen